Maid Services Park Ridge Il

EK Cleaning Service is a professional maid and cleaning services company that serves residences Cook County.

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Residential cleaning services offer daily, weekly, monthly and on-call services. How much you pay will depend on your location and what type of cleaning tasks you need performed. Since the “disgusting” and out-of-the-way tasks take a bit more effort, call around to see which companies are more willing to do the jobs. Many residential cleaning services charge per room or by the hour, but they also offer customized pricing options. Be clear and concise about each room and each task. How long the job takes and how often you enlist their services may also affect the price.

Before you start getting quotes, take a walk around the house, room by room and make a cleaning “wish list.” Look at all the “underneath” places, overhead places, and unrevealed places that are likely to have mysterious accumulations lurking within. Be brave and look into them. Make a list of those places, and note whether they need scrubbing, dusting or special cleaners.